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We’re thrilled to introduce to you our newest venture Welcome!

Our book “Don’t Hook Up With the Dude in the Next Cube” officially comes out on October 15th, just short of 2 weeks away! It’s a must-read for every 20-something woman who wants to learn the career secrets that will fast-track her career. No matter what industry you’re in, (or interested in), if you’re a chick who’s serious about your career in your twenties, this book is for you.

But the book is only the first step to close the generation and communication gaps that exist. This site was created to continue the conversation forward. will spark dynamic, inspiring and thought-provoking conversations between generations. There’s so much that 20-somethings can learn by truly listening and understanding baby boomers and other generations, and vice versa!

In addition to providing updates on the book, our workshops and speaking appearances, our blog will be a continual source of savvy career advice and practical tips. You’ll hear from a variety of industry experts who will weigh in on topics that are so very relevant to us all. And we want to hear from you, too! We encourage you to comment on our blog, post questions on facebook, or tweet them, and email us with something you’d like us talk about. If you’re interested in becoming a guest blogger, feel free to pitch an idea to us at We welcome posts from women and men of all generations and professions!

Our book and site wouldn’t be possible without the talented team behind the scenes who worked so hard to make it all happen. Our sincerest thanks to Buoy Point Media who saw every piece of the book through.

We owe special thanks to Nicole Palacino, our 20-something graphic design extraordinaire. Nicole designed this site  and “got” our vision from the get-go. She is talented and creative beyond her years, and her professionalism and patience made the entire process enjoyable. We encourage you to check out Nicole’s work!

A beautifully designed site is only as good as it’s developer. Many thanks to Vast Media Group and team who made this site go “live.”

We’re looking forward to all of the wonderful things to come! We hope to see you back here very soon.

- Nancy and Lindsay xo


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