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Praise for Don’t Hook Up With the Dude in the Next Cube!


“Don’t Hook Up With the Dude in the Next Cube offers 205 bold and sassy career-saving tips that all 20 somethings should follow. If you want to get and keep that dream job, do yourself a favor and get this book!”

- Robert Pagliarini, President Richer Life Media. Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Wealth Creator, TV Commentator.


“Nancy and Lindsay certainly have a handle on how to make it in today’s world.  This is the kind of real-deal information that every graduate should know.  If you follow their advice, you’ll be rocking your career in no time.”

-John Battaglia, Jr., author of The Rock Star in You


“The authors of this upbeat, hip book are clever and smart, and share outstanding rules and guidelines necessary for work success. The book makes a great gift for a college grad or new professional who needs to know about the world of work — so she makes fewer mistakes than we did!”

- Judith Steinhart, Renowned Educator and Clinical Sexologist.


“This book made me think back to the days when I worked as an executive recruiter, and of the many employees hired (and fired!) who needed this guide in the early years of their career. Chapters 6 and 7 are especially important!”

- Robin Wilson, CEO Robin Wilson Home. Check out Robin’s kitchen line and her new textile line.


“I’m not a female 20-something, far from it, but I truly enjoyed reading this book. I found the career secrets useful even for a 40-year-old male entrepreneur. What comes through in these pages are the savvy words of two courageous women that really care for young women starting off in their careers. Keep this book, and the authors close, and you’ll be the boss lady soon enough.”

- Eduardo Sciammarella, CEO & Co-founder Eduardo is a true visionary with three startups under his belt and over forty patents.


“The breadth of organization and business challenges Nancy met so successfully as my Chief of Staff prepared her well for writing this book with Lindsay on how women can really achieve in the Business World.”

- Loren E. Smith, Former Marketing Division Executive, Citibank, NA

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